About 1-800-GET-SALT

For over 20 years, 1-800-GET-SALT has been a leader in delivering ice melting products in southeastern Michigan.  When people and vendors need salt they know who will come through for them.  WE OFFER THE BEST DELIVERY SERVICE in the Metro Detroit area. 

We are the undisputed place to call for:

  • Bulk Salt
  • Rock Salt
  • Calcium Chloride
  • Dragon Melt
  • And other blends.

We are constantly working to bring you the best pricing and selection to get you the products you need delivered to your site and the best price possible.

We recommend buying your salt as early as possible.  Every year supplies are less and less.  This results in many stores and snow removal companies scrambling for supply in January and February which is typically the time of the heaviest snow fall.  Buying now gives you the best selection and the best prices of the year.